Henry Lawson Audio Book

Taking His Chance by Henry Lawson read by Jan Lindrum

Australian poet Henry Lawson (1867-1922), born in the State of New South Wales was “known and loved as ‘the people’s poet’ and championed the cause of the working man, both in the city and in the bush.  Henry Lawson was the first Australian writer to receive a State funeral.



Out of a childhood of deprivation and misery and out of great personal tragedies, Henry Lawson left a body of work which gives insight into the forces at work in the 1880s and 1890s that shaped the Australian character and defined the concept of mateship – a remarkable achievement for a man isolated from his peers by deafness and alcoholism.”

Margaret Olds – From the Introduction to ‘The Best of Henry Lawson Illustrated Collection’ Published by Cameron House, South Australia, 2002

There is much to be learned from reading the work of Henry Lawson and coming to an understanding of the life and times of the man behind the pen. His works pose the question: “Has much changed for men and women in the engine room of the nation?

So we hope you find this Henry Lawson audio book useful.