Life is in the Pocket!

Welcome to the Lindrum Academy.

The creation of this Academy is a result of my serious concern at the fall in literacy standards, lack of concern for our environment, the growing division between rich and poor, homelessness, society’s adoption of a philosophy of greed, rampant nationalism and militarisation, not purely inside our Nation, but across the globe.

I am also concerned that EDUCATION, in its current form, is failing many young people.

For that reason I have established the LINDRUM ACADEMY OF CHAMPIONS.

Education and the search for wisdom needs to be FUN and it needs to teach you, above all else, that there is a truly amazing world of opportunity beyond your boundary fence.

The question for all of us is:

How do we reach the bigger sea and, when we reach the bigger sea, how do we live a fruitful and happy life in a sea brimming with all sorts of creatures; some of whom look like us and share our view of the world whilst others are vastly different from us and see the world through a radical different lens?

How can we be successful without sacrificing our ethical and moral frameworks?

How can we learn to see our mistakes/failures as challenges and how can we use those challenges as stepping-stones to grow into the successful people we can be. And so on…

I want to do whatever I am able to help YOU, to thrive and fulfil your potential. The starting point is for YOU to see the benefit to YOU and to the OTHER YOU reaching your potential.

Life is a grand adventure and, at the end of every grand adventure, there is a story to tell. I want to be sure the story YOU leave your beneficiaries is one you and they will be proud of and one which will serve as a guiding light in helping others fulfill their potential, making this world of ours a better place to live in.

Our aim – that is, my aim and the aim of the Army of people who stand alongside me and who have helped and continue to help me to fulfill my potential – is to see “YOU PUT YOUR LIFE IN THE POCKET.”